DMAA Pre Workout | Have We Found #1 Strongest Formula?

DMAA Pre Workout | Have We Found #1 Strongest Formula?

Ever because of the ban of DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine) pre workouts we’ve been searching for options that come somewhere close near the ramifications of this stimulant.

Many pre workout workouts have comparable formulation’s and they don’t only work as well as the good old DMAA pre workout.

If you’re wondering why they are no longer available, let me offer you a quick explanation.

DMAA Pre workout have been banned because 1,3 DMAA was a synthetic stimulant. Instead of a naturally occurring component.

The FDA couldn’t find any reliable sources which indicated that DMAA was obviously found in plants. And just like that, the FDA banned DMAA Pre Workouts all back in 2012.

If you’re considering a powerful alternative, I highly suggest checking out AMPED AF. It contains DMHA which is basically DMAA’s twin brother and is extremely powerful.

For those of you who have never attempted a DMAA pre work out, it’s nothing like the stuff on the market nowadays.

You are most likely wondering, what does a DMAA Pre workout feel like?

  • Insane Focus
  • Bursts of Energy
  • Good Pumps

The matter with Pre workouts today is, supplement companies throw at a little additional Caffeine or some more Beta-Alanine and assert they have a new groundbreaking formula.

But often we just end up missing that extra boost or get used to them very quickly. Pre-workouts with an excessive amount of caffeine give you a boost at the beginning of your workout, but you’ll shortly wind up losing focus.

Having tried different pre workouts myself it is safe to say these popular products now just don’t cut it for me.

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After doing a lot of study I have found an interesting product…

What If I told you there was an alternative to the old DMAA Pre Workouts?

Oh and trust me, it is far better than all the other stuff currently available.


For those of you who have no idea what DMAA is let me give you some background information.

DMAA, also referred to as Methylhexanamine or 1,3-dimethylamylamine is a very powerful central nervous system stimulant. That is not strange when you find out it is in fact an amphetamine derivative.

The most important reason people have begun using a DMAA pre workout is because of its powerful effects. It can significantly enhance your energy levels. It is possible to compare it to an ECA Stack that is a powerful stimulant.

Whether DMAA is a natural or artificial ingredient remains up for debate.

Several supplement businesses suggest that DMAA is obviously derived from the geranium plant, although the FDA asserts that DMAA used in supplements is synthetic.

Nowadays, you may find that a lot of supplement businesses use DMHA instead. It’s like DMAA’s twin brother.


Regrettably, Pre Workouts with DMAA are no more available.

Well, unless you buy these illegally which I definitely would not recommend.

But I have some good news. There are alternatives to the previous formulas from back in the day.

I managed to find a company that put together almost the specific same DMAA Pre workout.

Yes, that’s right, I couldn’t believe it at first. Upon looking carefully through the ingredients the team from Steel Supplements put together I was amazed.

You can tell these men researched and took the opportunity to invent this pre-workout.

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AMPED-AF includes a great deal of different ingredients that enable you to maximize performance.

A couple of examples are Yohimbine HCL and Hordenine.

Of course, you’ll also find basic ingredients like L-Citrulline, Caffeine, and Beta Alanine.

In my opinion, AMPED-AF is far superior to many pre-workouts available in the marketplace. Because of its potency, you’ll find it is a lot more powerful than other goods.

It is also worth mentioning that you get no crash whatsoever after using AMPED-AF.

This is huge for me because the older DMAA Pre workouts left me extremely drowsy after using them.

If you’re trying to find a review about this product, have a peek at the video below.

Let me quickly run you through my personal experience. I took one scoop of the item just before I was going to train chest and triceps.

After about 20 minutes I started feeling the effects. Whilst driving to the gym that I got very concentrated and was filled with energy.

The pumps were AMAZING. Seriously, it’s been quite a while because I got a good workout in such as this one.

I ended up doing a lot more quantity than anticipated only because I felt so focused. I wound up placing a personal record during the seat press which was awesome.

Afterward, I felt good and was happy with the job I put in, no crash whatsoever like with other pre-workouts.

Steel Supplements has done an amazing job at formulating AMPED. They are also working on a lot of exciting and new supplements to help us maximize performance. I highly suggest checking out their other products, Alpha AF and Shredded AF.


I used to be a massive fan of the older Mesomorph Preworkout DMAA variant.

Mesomorph was merely one of those pre workouts you needed to possess. Sad to say, the Mesomorph Preworkout DMAA version was taken off the market.

They came out with a new formula that does not contain the good old DMAA stimulant.

Image result for mesomorph pre workout dmaa

To be entirely honest, I ended up purchasing a new bathtub of this Mesomorph Pre workout.

I had been hoping the new formula would be somewhat like the older DMAA version.

I tried taking multiple scoops of the new formula and it was quite disappointing.

If you’re interested in finding an option about the Mesomorph Preworkout DMAA, I would strongly suggest checking out AMPED-AF. They have done a great job inventing it and it is extremely powerful.

In my opinion, it may even be better.

The main reason I like AMPED is that it contains a good mixture of various stimulants. But they have managed to put just enough in there so you do not encounter a wreck later. For people who have tried the old Mesomorph Pre Workout DMAA formulation, it is possible to anticipate exactly the same energy, concentrate, and pumps when taking a scoop of AMPED AF.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that it is completely legal to buy, unlike pre workouts comprising DMAA.

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