NSI 189 Review: The Ultimate Answer for Depression?

NSI 189 Review: The Ultimate Answer for Depression?

An Introduction To NSI 189

Countless individuals around the globe have become victims of depression. This condition is getting a common malady and a killer, undermining numerous lives and potential. Although depression has become more rampant lately, it is not a modern item. Winston Churchill struggled with depression and even filmed it that his black dog. Depression is so rampant that even millions that aren’t sad somehow feel they are.

With that illustration, it is possible to see why pharmaceutical companies revel at producing antidepressants. Sell all these people a pill every day for their life, and you are taking a look at a ton of money. Because of this, Pharma businesses have poured cash into the antidepressant studies, culminating in the 80s and 90s.

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Recently, a little Pharma firm known as Neuralstem announced it had developed a cutting edge antidepressant. A drug that uses an entirely new mechanism, nothing like the SSRIs that people had been taking.

NSI 189, as the brand-new medication, is probably the most anticipated substance to be trialed recently. Supposedly, this medication will provide an answer for depression once and for all.

Let us take a look at everything this medication entails, including the most recent research findings, and what users are referring to the’miraculous’ compound.

What Is NSI 189?

Well, NSI 189 is an experimental medication that’s supposed to be a game-changer when it comes to treating depression due to the unconventional mechanism of activity. Its chemical name is Benzylpiperazine-aminopyridine.

Neurogenic drugs promote the growth and growth of new neurons or brain cells. Why is this significant? Well, as a neurogenic drug, NSI 189 could repair damaged brain cells that make a person unable to experience joy, or in other words, a person who is depressed.

Neuralstem Inc., the company behind NSI 189, is a biopharmaceutical company located in Rockville, Maryland, in the United States. It was found in 1996 and has been developing pharmaceutical compounds targeting the central nervous system.

What’s So Great About NSI 189?

It is only natural to wonder what makes this drug among the best nootropics on the market?

The very first thing comes to mind is clinical evaluations. NS 189 was studied in stage two and one clinical trial for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. According to the programmer, the medication is still in the preclinical trials for other conditions, for example:

  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Radiation-induced cognitive impairment
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Angelman syndrome, a genetic illness that causes developmental disabilities and nerve-related symptoms.

Some clinical trials involved mice who were given NSI 189. The experiments suggested a 20% volumetric increase in the mice’s hippocampus. The hippocampus is a substantial part of the mind that deals with mood and consolidation of information from short to memory. This means that NSI 189 isn’t only valuable for treating depression but may also be used to improve cognition.

With the secondary trials finish, the skeptic community now has some clinical evidence to work with. Theoretically, you would hardly get depressed if you were using NSI 189 since the disease would have to subdue a lot greater part of your mind than before.

NSI 189 Mechanism of Action

As mentioned earlier, this chemical is a neurogenic drug. The drug helps the mind to develop wholesome brain tissues at a faster rate than normal. Consequently, individuals experiencing depression, psychological disorders, and other degenerative ailments may gain from NSI 189.

Another consequence of NSI’s mechanism of action is an anti-stress effect. People who tried the drug prior to the trials were finished reported that they did not respond during stressful situations where they would usually get anxious or perhaps lash out.

Unfortunately, the anti-stress effect may not be to everybody’s liking. Some individuals claim that controlled rage and overemphasis provide them with the necessary edge in critical scenarios.

Advantages of NSI 189

At this juncture, you might feel like you’ve got a hint about the advantages associated with using NSI 189. However, we thought it necessary to record them down for your quick reference.

May Treat Depression

NSI 189 was shown to alleviate symptoms of depression from several people. Seethe devastation of the hippocampus is a common pathology in major depressive disorder. By increasing neurogenesis, this medication may effectively treat depression and other psychiatric disorders.

May Help with Stroke

NSI 189 can increase the neurotrophic factors GNDF, BNDF, VEGF, and SCF. As a result, the drug may boost motor functioning and improve hippocampal insufficiencies observed in oxygen-deficit hypoxia (stroke).

For instance, NSI 189 treatment always helped to enhance hippocampal deficits in mice which were given a stroke after cessation of the drug. These results suggested that the medication’s gains were long-term. What is more, the effects of the treatment caused an entire overhaul of the brain, which makes them work better complete, for just six months.

May Boost Cognitive Performance

During the clinical trials, a study was conducted between 24 participants experiencing depression. After being exposed to NSI 189 therapy, patients reported an increase in cognitive functions. The findings were self-reported. Therefore, it remains unclear whether the progress resulted from the formation of new neurons. Consequently, more research has been suggested to check into it.

NSI 189 has lured the nootropic community to the subsequent advantages based on anecdotal evidence.

  • Supplies you with better control of your emotions even long after you have stopped using NSI 189
  • Improves speaking and writing fluency
  • Boosts cognitive functioning
  • Enhances one’s energy levels, although to a minimal level
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Improves one’s vision
  • Enhances one’s social ability
  • Boosts the link between one’s logical and psychological functions
  • Causes imperviousness to pain due by reducing sensitivity

Does NSI 189 Have Any Side Effects?

Yes. We’ll get to that soon.

The majority of the nootropics you will encounter in the market are with no adverse effects. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that nearly all of these are without any effects at all.

However, NSI 189 does have some side effects, which is an excellent point of conviction that it will take something to the system. Nevertheless, this may lead you to wonder whether it’s safe to eat.

You may experience the following side effects.

  • Reduced motivation
  • Increased appetite
  • Fatigue/malaise
  • Intolerance to exercise
  • Post-workout headaches
  • Intermittent peripheral neuropathy (momentary loss of sensation in the palms and feet).
  • Increased dietary preference for glucose (sweet tooth)
  • Fugue state where you may lose your inner dialogue

Interestingly, most of these signs are like those experienced when someone is in a dopamine deficiency and may be seen in recovering addicts. This is mostly because the addicts haven’t had a chance due to their dopamine receptors to fully fix.

NSI 189 Dosage Information

You can procure NSI 189 in two different types, the freebase, as well as the phosphate forms. The difference relies mostly on the taste and the rate of absorption. The phosphate is absorbed much slower.

NSI 189 is administered sublingually (put under the tongue).

Anecdotal evidence has it that 7 mg of the freebase NSI 189 is enough to offer you the best results. With this, people experienced a remarkable increase in energy, mood, mental clarity, and focus.

But, it is almost always best to seek out medical care for depression or receive help from a health professional.

NSI Price and Availability

NSI 189 is not easily accessible for various factors. For starters, most of the sites offering high-quality and lab-tested merchandise only sell it to other laboratories or people who can confirm that they are using it for research rather than consumption. This does not indicate it is not possible to procure it, just that the number of resources are restricted, and a number of them might provide poor quality or fake NSI 189.

You can buy it on eBay, but you must take a look at the seller’s feedback, particularly regarding quality. You will come across numerous NSI 189 sellers with 99% positive comments. But the majority of the clients are just happy with the speedy shipping.

If you are buying the medication from a nootropic website, you must run due diligence to see what other people have to say about their merchandise. Most of the opinions on different nootropic sites are often covered by the website owners. Because of this, you always have to seek a second opinion on internet communities like Reddit.

Final Thoughts on NSI 189

NSI 189 was a promising nootropic for a comparatively long time, with numerous positive reports being introduced on the medication. NSI 189 has now undergone two testing phases. Therefore, people who refused to be open-minded on the subject can now rely on scientific proof to understand that NSI 189 is great for relieving depression and psychological fog.

You will also mention that the benefits of the medication outweigh the said drawbacks that somebody who needs the drug shouldn’t be afraid to use it at any cost. You also need to consider that not everyone will experience the very same consequences. Numerous people have used this substance without confronting nearly as many side effects as listed above. It all depends on an individual’s brain chemistry.

In general, this is a great nootropic alternative and is perfect even for those experiencing depression.

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